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This fresh produce emporium consists of a two-story Quonset hut (with the distinctive semi-circular roof, pictured above) located on the north side of the freeway, at Pedrick Road.

This store is known for its fresh vegetables but also has a large stock of bulk nuts, dried fruit, and candy all of the unknown origin. As these are not local, the prices are comparable to what you will find elsewhere. Overall, prices are low presumably due to their low land costs. This market is similar to Yolo Fruit Stand


If you're an aficionado of minimally processed local food, Pedrick Produce is an interesting market at which to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits. You'll also find a quality selection of hot sauces, a veritable cornucopia of beans, rice, and other grains. Other scrumptious rural delicacies include chocolate bark homemade peanut brittle. Lots of nuts (though Davisites are rarely sighted here) of many flavors here too. Don't forget to try the ice cream and honey. Gunther's pumpkin ice cream has been spotted there. Or, the olives.


Many items are available here in bulk—priced much lower than at the Davis Food Co-op. The products have less hype and corporate baggage, and you'll be supporting small businesses. They also have tons of bulk candy (the kind you normally only find in a movie theater) for a fairly reasonable price. Its origin is unknown. Their bagged tortilla chips are delicious and cheap.

Shoppers may also arrive there via back roads and on a bike.

The photographs suggest this is a lonely place. It is not. During a typical Saturday afternoon, the parking lot is full, the store is busy, and heavy farm trucks (laden with tomatoes on my September visit) go by several times a minute.